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As an integrative and holistic counselor, my goal is to help you to reduce or better manage symptoms such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or loss, or confusion you might have about your life direction. A big part of inner change involves learning new coping skills and practices that not only help you to feel better, but also to figure out how to face your unique obstacles with a sense of curiosity rather than fear.

Although we can't necessarily change difficult situations from the past, we can work together to help you understand them better and resolve any lingering effects.

Using a combination of holistic counseling, psychotherapy, and trauma therapies when needed, my goal is to support you to change the long-standing patterns and beliefs that block happiness and prevent you from the growth you want.

Psychotherapy helps you to make important connections between old patterns and habits and the life you would rather have. Holistic counseling helps you to understand the bigger picture of what does and doesn't work in your life. When used together, these two approaches to growth can help you energize yourself with more clarity, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

If you're in need of support and guidance through a challenging situation, or just ready to move your life in a different direction, I look forward to helping you take action toward healing and growth with more energy and passion.

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