Five Ways To Lower Stress Increase Relaxation And Improve Sleep

Five Resources To Lower Stress, Increase Relaxation, and Improve Sleep

Here are five resources you can use during unusually stressful times:

1. Tara Brach meditation
With this link Tara Brach will lead you through a meditation for finding a calm refuge during the COVID-19 crisis.

Calling on Your Awakened Heart (23:44 min.)

2. If you have had trouble sleeping lately, then you might like to check out this resource from Jud Brewer, MD, PhD.

Anxiety makes sleep difficult, and lack of sleep makes you more anxious. Here's how it affects your nervous system, and 3 simple tips to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The third tip on this YouTube video is helpful for when you awaken and can't get back to sleep.

Why anxiety makes sleep worse and 3 things to do:

3. Professionals at the Tapping Solution have an app with tapping meditations for relieving stress and finding balance. (For more information on meridian tapping (EFT), see the energy therapy category on my website):
You can get it here.

4. Belleruth Naparstek, LISW at, offers professional guided imagery to de-stress and for relaxation, with a new one every day at noon.
Here’s the link.

5. Lastly, Neuro-emotional technique shares a first aid tool called Net Fast, which produces rapid change in stress levels, and is performed as follows:

    1. While thinking about an issue that is bothering you, place your right wrist, palm up, into your left hand. Place three fingers of your left hand onto the area of your right wrist where you can feel your pulse (just below your thumb).
    2. Place your open right hand on your forehead. Gently breathe in and out several times while concentrating on feeling the issue that bothers you.
    3. Switch hands and repeat steps 1 and 2.

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